Slow the Technology Arms Race

Fight device obsolescence, reduce e-waste and prove once and for all that beefier hardware doesn’t make for better games.

Games have long been used as a core lever for the wider technology and graphics industries to keep pushing more and more powerful computer chips and hardware, pushing older devices into obsolescence, and encouraging environmental atrocities in the mineral mining sector. We say: not in our name!

The ecological consequences of ballooning computing power are getting greater and greater, while the actual benefits in terms of quality are getting less and less noticeable. Any steps we can take to withdraw our support for the breakneck pace of tech development will encourage players to hold on to their devices longer and ultimately reduce the sheer amount of computers our industry has to build out of rare earth minerals, while also leading to less power-hungry games, Reducing Electricity Use at Runtime.

Ways to support this goal include:
Low-End Support