Intrinsic Integration

When understanding the target concepts is necessary to interact with the game, learning becomes fun.

Players could learn about the operation of a power grid at different scales: a VR game could simulate the hands-on experience of operating a station, managing the production and flow of energy of different power sources. Alternatively, players may work at a higher planning level, given many tools in the form of different energy sources to solve the problem of supplying a community with power in a low-stakes, experimental way.


  • Systems knowledge is valuable for understanding the effect real-world actions will have, and players motivated to progress in the game will have to demonstrate and utilize this knowledge in a meaningful way.
  • Repeated use and practice of an action that requires systems knowledge builds comfort and mastery with those concepts.
  • Completing simple, low-risk environmental actions builds confidence that individuals need to take on more impactful actions.

From the Environmental Game Design Playbook
– by IGDA Climate SIG