Imagine a Sustainable Future

Unlike dystopias featuring urban decay and corruption, solarpunk helps us imagine worlds where crises are solved with camaraderie and ingenuity.

The climate crisis is, in large part, a crisis of imagination. Both in that we collectively fail to imagine how drastically the world can change for the worse, but also for the better.

[To be added] Why is this goal important to further sustainability and resiliency? How do we know it is meaningful and/or effective?

In the words of preeminent solarpunk thinker Rhys Williams, solarpunk stands “against a shitty future.” The planet is on the clock, and there’s just no time for fashionable pessimism, it implies.

Be Solarpunk. Good solarpunk is grounded in the harsh realities of climate change, and doesn’t try to sell a fantasy, but still makes us excited for a more equitable, sustainable and community-driven future.

Portray Transformations. Showing us a desirable future is hugely important to bridge the imagination gap, but you can take it a step further by portraying the societal transformations that take us from here to there.

A big focus of the ongoing Anticiplay project is to build games that inspire and lead into better futures.

Ways to support this goal include:
Solarpunk Games
Building the Sustainable City
Failing Safely
The Joy of Good Deeds
Irresistible Veggies