Elevate Environmental Champions

Let players into the minds of heroes who stand up for the planet and future generations to inspire them to be courageous.

Highlighting characters with a value system that respects sustainability and showing players heroes fighting for the planet can be a great way to provide encouragement. Leading figures in the media often serve to set an example.

Heroes and champions both have an important cultural function: they represent values, moral principles, and social priorities. They are guiding figures, especially for younger people.

Show a change of mind.
Not all heroes wear capes from the beginning. Giving players the opportunity to have a direct experience where events lead characters to change their attitudes is a very powerful system. It allows you to show the motivations behind a champion’s actions and strengthens their credibility.

Respect your sources of inspiration. If you create a hero with strong motivations, inspired by real events or a real-life character, make sure they reflect the same values.

Try to create a strong bond with the player. The champion must inspire trust and respect in the player so that a connection—and later, an identification with the value system—can be established.