Dirty Politics

Based on real events, Deal: A Green New Election puts players on a collision course with the frustrations of fossil fuel money in US politics

Deal: A Green New Election has the player running a local US election campaign for the Green New Deal agenda, reacting to random events by making choices that impact how likely various voter groups are to support the cause on election day. The one event that will play out in every single session is the oil industry coming in from out of state to first try to buy the player out, then spend millions of dollars hindering their efforts Рthe better the player performs, the more they will spend on counter ads, making the climate legislation extremely difficult to pass. This builds a healthy frustration with the fossil fuel industry’s tampering with elections, which is unfortunately very much based on real events from Washington State. The game is not quite a no-win scenario though; with tenacity and a bit of luck the battle can be won, and eventually the game was even patched to be easier in celebration of real-life environmental progress being won in the United States.