Celebrate Indigenous Wisdom

Indigenous communities protect 90% of the planet’s remaining biodiversity, with long-standing practices that enrich climate action.

Our globalized society is greatly imbued with a Western capitalistic-centered approach. There is invaluable wisdom to be found in smaller communities all around the world: a way of life closer to nature, more sustainable, and where humans are not above all else—they are just part of the ecosystem.

Challenging our cultural preconceptions could be both enlightening and exciting. Players can be encouraged to change perspective and, at the same time, discover new cultures, values, and principles.

Stand awhile and listen.
If you want to learn more about indigenous wisdom and traditions, be sure to listen respectfully. Do not assume anything based on your experience alone; try to understand a different perspective by finding wisdom in someone who really knows it.

Confront your prejudices. Each culture is a sum of various historical elements and social contexts. There is no hierarchy for cultures, so be sure to approach any indigenous community with respect.

Ways to support this goal include:
Incorporating Tradition
The Rise of World Games
Stories from the Frontlines
The Limits of Hoarding