Sky: Children of the Light
Team Fortress 2
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Genshin Impact
Subway Surfers
Fate of the World
Plague Inc.
80 Days
Wholesome: Out and About
Spec Ops: The Line
Earth Rangers
Pokémon Go
The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle
Hungry Shark World
Ghost of Tsushima
Stardew Valley
Forza Horizon 4
Forza Horizon 3
Cities: Skylines – Green Cities
Overwatch 2
Terra Nil
Gibbon: Beyond the Trees
The Outer Worlds
Horizon Zero Dawn
Honest Power Options
Your “Options” screen is a great opportunity to educate players about the impact that each graphics setting has on power […]
Save a Rhino
Graphical Sufficiency
Picking the right art style from the start makes it much easier to both Reduce Electricity Use at Runtime and […]
Low-End Support
Developers should aim to always release on multiple platforms at once: it doesn’t only increase the reach of our potential […]
Beyond Target Framerate
Most game developers are already great at optimizing our games to save limited resources – how else would we get […]
Failing Safely
Games can give the opportunity for trial and error in safe environments (Experimentation & Inquiry). In Fate Of The World, […]
Virtual Pandemic, Real Insight
Developers can ground games in real Earth science and data, rather than making them purely fictional. Plague Inc. isn’t just […]
The Limits of Hoarding
Hoarding items is a staple in many videogame genres. In RPG’s in particular, players often build up such vast stashes […]
Give Peace A Chance
To counteract our habits of equating conflicts with violence, games should allow peaceful resolution to conflicts.
Do Good, Feel Good
Games can let players experience the joy of doing good deeds, to encourage them to re-enact them in real life. […]
Skills We’ll Need
Games can teach new life skills; directly usable in our everyday lives and necessary for a sustainable yet uncertain future.
Subverting Violence
Games can push players out of their comfort zone and question their assumptions, like Spec Ops: The Line did by […]
Building Emotional Resilience
Spiritfarer makes players practice grieving for the loved ones we lost, building their emotional resilience and training them for when […]
Rewarding Real-Life Actions
In contexts where the intrinsic motivation of doing good deeds isn’t enough, we can also add an extrinsic motivation by […]
Campaign Shout-outs
Players can be encouraged to support or contribute to climate organizations, like NGOs and charities.
Community Cleanup Events
Many types of climate action are better tackled collectively, so games could encourage players to connect with other players to […]
The Sustainable Living Buffet
The SIMS 4: Eco Lifestyle acts like a tasting platter of individual climate action, where everybody can find little things […]
In Awe of Nature
We can inspire players to Forge Emotional Bonds with Nature by showing it in all its beauty, using the power […]
A Simpler Life
We can represent happy lives that do not rely on consumerism, to deprogram the toxic dream of buying ever more […]
Building the Sustainable City
Cities Skyline: Green Cities manages to both Normalize Green Tech and Imagine a Sustainable Future by exposing players to modern […]
Disgusting Dystopia
Plasticity presents a near future choking under plastic waste, designed with Forced Discomfort to make players react in disgust. In […]
Solarpunk Games
Some games take place in worlds where humanity has already acted to solve the climate crisis, and it’s possible to […]
A Contemplative Space
Emotional connection is the key to making players want to invest in the real world or reflect on the meaning […]
Paradise in Ruins
Games create intimate relationships between player and place in a way that no other medium can replicate. Suddenly changing a […]
Stories from the Frontlines
We can tell the stories of those who live on the front lines of climate change, like in Never Alone […]
Celebrate Indigenous Wisdom
Indigenous communities protect 90% of the planet's remaining biodiversity, with long-standing practices that enrich climate action.
Reveal Costs of Extraction
Challenge age-old gaming tropes to remind players that nothing lasts forever and that pillaging nature's pantry has consequences!
Elevate Environmental Champions
Let players into the minds of heroes who stand up for the planet and future generations to inspire them to be courageous.
Highlight Sustainable Behaviour
Enabling players to experience sustainable lifestyles in fictional worlds can prime them into bringing that mindset into everyday life.