Simplifying or removing the context can enable players to process new information - even if it’s not in alignment with their existing biases.
Taking on the role of a character allows for low-risk experimentation with different points of view to which the player may otherwise not be exposed.
Final Fantasy VII
Mass Effect 3
Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
Charming environmental activist simulator about documenting and helping animals, running petitions and saving a wildlife reserve from land development.
The Sims 3
Making an Activist
Nobody has to face the crisis alone. Role-playing games have a long history of challenging individualism.
It Takes A Village
Even in single-player, single-protagonist games, stories where communities act together for change can be powerful.
Nobody is Too Small
Who can be an environmental hero? Games can show us the obvious answer: you.
Players can try out less resource-intense ways of living with digital roleplaying.
Inspire Collective Action
Remind players that changing the world takes more than gaming's usual individualist heroics - lasting change comes from whole communities acting together.
Elevate Environmental Champions
Let players into the minds of heroes who stand up for the planet and future generations to inspire them to be courageous.
Highlight Sustainable Behaviour
Enabling players to experience sustainable lifestyles in fictional worlds can prime them into bringing that mindset into everyday life.
Forge Emotional Bonds with Nature
Helping ourselves feel connected to nature has been proven to help us feel happier, less stressed, and more creative.